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We call on you to address this situation and ensure mutual recognition of same-sex families, wherever they are.

China powers the country’s growing oil industry, and is involved in constructing roads, public buildings and N’Djamena’s new airport. Na THNa C World Health Organization CDC Travel Health Services Country Insights Travel Warnings Consular Information Foreign Commonweatlh Office • U. Embassy Avenue Felix Eboue N’Djamena Tel: [235] 51 62-18/32-69 Web: • Canadian Embassy (Cameroon) Tel.Chad faces challenges in the areas of political stability and economic development. Visitors must check in with the National Police and obtain a registration stamp within 72 hours of arrival. Hepatitis B: Recommended for all non-immune travelers who might be exposed to blood or body fluids from unsafe/unprotected sexual contact; from injecting drug use with shared/re-used needles and syringes; from medical treatment with non-sterile (re-used) needles and syringes.Years of war, drought, and lack of economic growth have severely damaged the country’s institutions and its infrastructure. Further entry information may be obtained from the Embassy of the Republic of Chad, 2002 R St. Recommended for any traveler requesting protection against hepatitis B infection.Influenza: Vaccination recommended for all travelers 6 months of age who have not received a flu shot in the previous 12 months.

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Available data do not indicate the need for more than a single lifetime booster dose with IPV (Inactivated Polio Vaccine).

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